Waxing Advice


Lycon Hot wax has a very low melting temperature and is applied thickly to cleansed / oiled skin.  The wax then shrink wraps around the hairs as it dries, ensuring all hairs are removed from the root when it is removed.

As pre wax oil is applied to the skin prior to waxing, when the wax is removed it does not pull on the skin.  No pulling on the skin makes for a more comfortable and safer treatment for the client.

Lycon Strip wax has a hotter melting temperature than Hot wax and is applied very thinly to cleansed / dry skin and removed with paper strips.  It is ideal for larger areas such as legs and arms as it gives fast, efficient results.

Gloves are always worn.

Tweezers, scissors and metal spatulas are cleaned between every client in Barbicide - a hospital grade disinfectant.

Wax 59 does not 'double dip' - a clean spatula is used each time we dip into the wax and it is then thrown away.


You should grow hair for at least a couple of weeks before wax treatment.

I recommend regular waxing, every four weeks.

There are 3 stages of hair growth, therefore as you wax on a regular basis you will notice the reduced hair growth between treatments.

You can keep trimmed and tidy before a wax treatment but please ensure minimum of grade 2 (1cm to 1.5cm).

Sanistising wipes and hand gel are provided in the treatment room, you will be left in peace to change and freshen up prior to your wax!

It is advised to avoid heat for 24 hours after treatment, such as bathing, showers, tanning and exercise.

Pregnant?  Of course you can still be waxed!  Products used at Wax 59 contain natural ingredients, no plastic and treatments are virtually pain free.


Exfoliate afew times per week (before and after waxing) to remove dead skin cells and keep ingrown hairs to a minimum.

Lycon's Ingrown X-it product is recommended after waxing, this mildly exfoliates, decongests and helps minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs.  At the same time, it soothes angry looking red spots and moisturises.

Moisturising waxed areas every day will keep your skin soft and looking great, this will also help keep ingrown hairs to a minimum.  Please do not moisturise before your waxing treatment though.

The Lycon waxing system reduces pain significantly, to assist with this, regular waxing is recommended. 

You can also avoid waxing the week prior to your period, when feeling more sensitive.

Relax - there is no need to stress before being waxed, all techniques used are professional and I will ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.